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Famous Texans Dan Rather

Performing doesn't turn me on. It's an egomaniac business, filled with prima donnas---including this one.
- Dan Rather

Occupation: TV Personality
Date of Birth: October 31, 1931
Place of Birth: Wharton, Texas, USA
Education: Sam Houston State Teachers College

When Dan Rather covered Hurricane Carla for Houston's CBS affiliate in 1961, he impressed network higher-ups, who made him a national correspondent. His reports on the J.F.K. assassination, Vietnam, and Watergate (his on-air Nixon confrontations made headlines) impressed the public on a nightly basis. Then, Rather helped make a Sunday-night news program, 60 Minutes, the nation's highest-rated. In 1981, the first year he attempted to fill Walter Cronkite's mythical shoes as the CBS Evening News anchor, Rather lost ratings, and the network lost Roger Mudd, who thought he deserved the job. But the ratings returned, and Rather held on to his seat until 1994, when he agreed to share the desk with Connie Chung, who was younger and somewhat cuter than Rather. 

A year later, he was again flying solo. 

Over the years, bizarre things have befallen the anchorman, like the time he was assaulted on Park Avenue in New York by two men demanding, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?," a line later immortalized in R.E.M.'s hit single of the same name. Such incidents have led to the belief that there's something bizarre about Rather himself, a belief for which there's not a shred of evidence, at least on this planet.

Dan betrayed his home state's weakness for colorful language during the CBS 2000 presidential election returns coverage. Here's a selection of Dan's doozers:

Most of these quotes were compiled by the Shoptalk section of TVSpy.com.